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Why do small businesses fail with PR?

I ve lost count of the number of small businesses I ve come across that have had a bad experience with Public Relations (PR). It may be that they have used the services of a PR agency or consultant and simply not got results.  Or, that they have tried to do their own PR, which has probably focused on press and media relations, and spent a huge amount of time and effort but not made any headway. Tackling PR that isn t working If you are running a small business but not getting anywhere with your PR then what s the answer?  The first step is to unpick what you are doing and identify if there are any common problems that you can address immediately to get things back on track.  Why?  Because getting it right can boost your profile, enhance your reputation and help you reach and connect with your key audiences, amongst other things. The common small business PR mistakes So, how do you know the areas that could be holding your PR back?  Here are some questions to get you started. Have


Is the press release dead?

Almost weekly I come across blogs and articles questioning the value of the press release and asking whether it has a place in today s fast paced social media world.  Is the press release dead, should we just cast it aside like a piece of litter? There s no doubt that the role of the press release has changed but maybe we need to ask more searching questions to really look at its role and whether it s fit for purpose.