How to pitch a journalist

If you know how to pitch a journalist then you ll get results time and again and build reputation and profile for your business. So, what s the secret and how do you unlock the possibilities that press and media coverage for your small business can offer?  Well, you ll be pleased to know that there is no secret. How to pitch a journalist take a laser targeted approach The most important factor in targeting journalists is to think quality rather than quantity.  It s all too tempting to draft a pitch for a story or a suggestion for an article and to blast it out to as many journalists as possible in the hope that something will stick.  That approach will rarely get the results you want and can damage your reputation. The key is to identify a handful of key journalists that you should be targeting and engaging and to find out as much as possible about them  what they report on, the topics they are interested in, the style of their reporting, how they share their stories, where they h


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