Was WestJet’s PR stunt misguided?

Are PR stunts worth the effort?  WestJet probably think so but with any PR stunt it s not just about profile and visibility, it s about the message that is conveyed too. If you haven t seen the story then, in a nutshell, the airline set up a booth at an airport and asked 250 passengers at check in, for two separate flights, to say what they wanted for Christmas. WestJet staff then set off on the mammoth task of finding what every passenger wanted so that it was there waiting, as a gift, when the passengers were picking up luggage at their destination. If you haven t watched the YouTube video then you can see it here: There is no doubt that the video has attracted a huge amount of attention some 29 million views on YouTube.  But, what are the lessons we take away from such a PR stunt?  Well, after watching the video I think it s: That PR stunts can attract a huge amount of attention and it helps if you have a big budget too. That we live in a materialistic society that came across


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