Only using press releases to announce your news?

If you are only using press releases to announce your news then you are missing a trick.  The press release is a great tool but you don t need to rely on just that.  There are many other ways you can get your news noticed to raise your profile, reach and engage more people. The key is to focus on your objectives, your audiences and then to use the best tools for the job.  It s important too to add that your news may be relevant, and of interest, to journalists but don t forget the other audiences you may need to communicate with current customers, potential customers, suppliers, key stakeholders. So, let s assume you have a news story and you want to get that news noticed by journalists and key audiences.  Let s also assume that you have written a press release on your news and issued it to your key journalists.  Here are some other ideas to help you make more impact with your news and to get profile for your business. Promoting your news the obvious channels First, let s get the


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