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DIY PR, How to do PR for Small Businesses

DIY PR for your small business requires time and effort but to get results you need to start on a sound footing. That means having the answers to seven key questions – otherwise your do it yourself PR efforts could be wasted.


How to get PR that your clients will love

PR (Public Relations) is a great way to get yourself noticed but it s also an invaluable tool for re-connecting with contacts and keeping your clients interested and engaged. Entering and winning awards is one way in which you can do that very effectively.  The thought of completing masses of paperwork and numerous questions, however, can feel daunting.  If you are a small business owner then where do you find the time to add that onto your long list of things to do? The truth is, it doesn t need to be overwhelming.  The key lies in finding the right awards and having a plan in advance about how you can maximise your efforts and leverage the results.  There are a whole host of awards you could target, here s a useful website that is worth looking at to help with your research on business awards: Awardlist While some awards do require quite a lot of effort there are some that are more straight forward.  A good example is the Guardian Small Business Showcase.  It invites small bus