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15 free killer resources for finding and engaging journalists

Press and media profile can give a small business a great boost.  Yet, finding the right journalists, let alone presenting them with the ideas and information that will appeal, can be time consuming and feel like an uphill struggle. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles You do need to do your research but to help you on your way here are some handy resources and tools to take the hassle out of finding the right target journalists to get press and media profile for your business. 1. Your customers This might seem like an obvious one but it s often forgotten.  You need to ensure you are in touch with your customers and that means having a good understanding of where they, and your potential customers, go to get their news and information.  You may well find commonalities between different types of customers.  Don t get caught into the trap of making assumptions, their sources of information may surprise you – it s just as important to know why and how customers use