25 Ideas for Creating News Stories Journalists Will Love

Ever scrambled around to find Public Relations opportunities to raise the profile of yourself and your business?  Creating news stories that journalists will love can sometimes feel like feast or famine – some months the news stories pop up all over the place, the next month nothing. The Key to Giving Journalists What they Want So, how do some individuals and businesses manage to maintain a consistently high profile? Bigger businesses may well have considerable budgets and a dedicated Public Relations team but that does not mean that such profile is out of reach for smaller businesses.  The key is to have an understanding of what journalists are looking for and to give that to them consistently, in a way that serves their purposes as well as yours. Planning Your News Stories You probably have a number of news stories but you might not realise it – you’ll certainly have the potential to ‘create’ news stories to get noticed.  So, where do you start?  First, have a good un


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