How not to pitch a journalist

It can be so annoying when you pitch a journalist with an idea or a news story but don t get any media attention or coverage. How not to pitch a journalists If it happens time and again then that can feel quite disheartening.  You begin to feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel – you’re making all the effort but it’s not getting you anywhere. So, how do you jump off the wheel and get your pitching back on track? Understand what not to do when pitching a journalist Maybe you know the theory about what you should do when it comes to pitching journalists – how to go about approaching them, what journalists will be interested in, the different ways to get you and your business noticed. That’s all well and good but putting it into practice is another matter.  Knowing what to do is important but so too is knowing what not to do.  So, to help you on your way, here s a don t do list for when you are sending your next pitch to a journalist. 1. Don t email blast the to box there s n


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