How not to do Public Relations – 10 PR myths debunked

No, Public Relations (PR) is not advertising.  No, PR is not all about getting press and media coverage.  There are so many myths about PR that fighting through the jungle of misinformation to work out what it is, and what it does, can feel a bit overwhelming. So, let s get a few things straight.  Here are some common myths about PR and I m going to throw them straight out the window for you, and explain why, because they are not at all helpful. 10 PR myths debunked 1. PR can gloss up a bad product or service if you haven’t got a great product or service then no amount of PR will hide that fact.  PR is a useful tool to highlight what you have to offer, and to raise your profile, but it cannot create something out of nothing.  Certainly, if you think that there is room to improve your product/service significantly then focus on that before embarking on PR.  Everything you say and do in relation to your business, and the product and service offered, must stand up to scrutiny. 2.


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