How to ignore the needs and lose the business

We were on a family day out recently and it got to that tipping point of needing to feed the kids for lunch. They are quite young, five and three, so the window of opportunity starts to close quite quickly and the risk of major meltdown increases by the minute.  Time is pressure. Now, call me old fashioned but customer service has always been a hot topic for me.  I go out of my way to ensure that clients are satisfied beyond their expectations.  So, I m always surprised when customer service falls short. We trotted along the high street to find somewhere to eat and popped our heads into the first restaurant we came across.  It was quiet and spacious and served Italian food so looked pretty good in terms of accommodating the kids.  I asked the waitress if they did kids meals or kids portions I refuse point black to order an adult meal when just a small portion of that will be eaten. The response was, No, we don t do meals for children.  But, if you order an adult meal then you c


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