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5 Questions to kick start media attention for your business

Want to get media attention for your business but not sure where to start?  It can all feel a bit overwhelming when you re not sure what to do or how to go about it, can t it?  All that jargon just makes it worse.  And, if you ve already tried to get media attention and not got results then you re probably beginning to wonder, why bother? The good news is that it doesn t have to feel that way.  There are five simple questions that you need to answer to kick start media attention for your business relevant whether you re just starting out or trying to improve on what you ve already been doing.  They are essential because the answers will enable you to: Understand what journalists want Identify the stories and views you have that journalists will be interested in Find where your target journalists are so you can connect with them Approach your key media contacts in the right way to get noticed Build your reputation and profile. So, let s get straight to the point and delve into t


One killer tip for increasing your media visibility today

It can feel frustrating, you ve got a great product or service but no one knows about it.  Your clients love you and you know that you make a difference to them. Yet, you don t have the visibility that matches your talent and many potential clients do not even know you exist frustrating, isn t it? Whether it s an article showcasing your expertise on a website, a guest blog, an interview or an opinion on the story of the day, more visibility in the media, and the third party endorsement that brings, can get your business in front of many more eyeballs.  That opens up opportunities opportunities to connect with more people interested in you and your business and what it can do for them. If you don t have contacts with the press and media then where do you start?  Let s cut to the chase, this isn t about going and buying an off the shelf list of contacts, blasting them with a pitch and then hoping for the best.  If that s what you re used to doing then stop it.  Yes, stop it!  You

Public Relations in a nutshell

If you want an overview of what Public Relations is, how it can benefit your business and how to get started then have a look at this webinar Public Relations in a nutshell,

How to build buzz for your brand

Building a buzz for yourself, your business and your brand might, initially, feel overwhelming and out of reach.  How do you open that door to creating buzz? The key is to break it down and take a step-by-step approach and ensure that your activities are firmly rooted in a plan you need to think about it as a long term investment in your business. Building that buzz starts, quite simply, with visibility.  So, here are 7 tried and tested techniques to set your brain cells working and help you on your way with building buzz for yourself and your business. 1. Capture your story Every small business owner and entrepreneur has a story it may be a personal story, the story behind the start of the your business, your journey in running your own business and the successes and failures along the way.  You can use those stories to share your knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.  Look for opportunities in your target press and media for case studies and profile pieces that wo

Free Coaching Session – Get Yourself Noticed with Public Relations

Have you been trying to get your business noticed to stand out from the competition, and attract potential customers and business opportunities, but have not made the progress you’d hoped for? If so then let me help you break through that block so you can get the visibility your business needs and deserves.

Public Relations in a nutshell

Public Relations explained – what it is, how it can benefit your business, how to do it #smallbusinesspr #publicrelations