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92% of UK Journalists Use Twitter – what about you?

I came across a great piece of research recently, the Social Journalism Study 2013 by Cision, which asked journalists how they used social media for work.  The report provides some fascinating statistics. I haven’t tracked down the 2014 report so am guessing they are still putting that one together.  But, the reports from the previous years certainly show the trend and I expect that the picture painted in a more up-to-date report will just emphasise that usage has increased. Here is a snapshot taken directly from the executive summary of the report: Social media is now an everyday professional tool with 96% of UK journalists using it on a daily basis. 42% of UK journalists say that they would not be able to carry out their work without social media. Twitter is proving to be the quintessential social media tool for UK journalists with 92% of them using it regularly for work. OK, so journalists are heavy users of social media and maybe that shouldn t be a surprise.  If that s the


Effortless media visibility for introverts

Media visibility comes in many different shapes and forms but often people just think about in terms of being featured on television or radio.  That can put you off if you are shy or consider yourself as an introvert.  Recently I had two conversations that really brought that home to me: In one a small business owner wanted more media profile for their business but didn t feel comfortable with the thought of being interviewed by a journalists for television or radio In the other an entrepreneur said that they felt that getting media attention would put them in the spotlight and that made them feel anxious I don t think these feelings are uncommon.  In fact, one of the reasons why they really struck a note with me was because I feel the same.  I don t like labels and once you start talking about being an introvert everyone has their opinions about what that means.  And, of course, if you don t  want to put yourself in the spotlight then is that about being an introvert or shy?

7 top tips for nailing your media interview

OK, you ve spent all that time trying to get the media interested in you and your business.  So, what do you do when a journalist phones you?  They say they want a chat or an interview and that they are on a deadline.  Time is ticking and you can feel your blood pressure rising. All too often it s easy to focus on trying to get the interview but that s of no use if , once you ve got it, you mess it up and look like a fool, is it? Getting the media interested is just part of the equation you then need to prepare for it.  So, to help you get the most from your media interview opportunity, here are 7 top tips. 7 top tips for nailing your media interview 1. First, don t talk to a journalist off the cuff unless it s in response to a press release you have sent in which case you should be prepared for taking the call.  If the call is unexpected then you need to do some detective work to get the context.  For example, you need to know: why the journalist is contacting you what s th

How to get your news story noticed by journalists

You ve got a news story?  Great, now for the hard part  how to get your news story noticed by journalists. Today, there are many ways to get your news out there and noticed.  Press release distribution services are easy to use and offer up the opportunity for reaching many thousands of contacts at the touch of a button.  The trouble, however, is that they don t necessarily screen or check the news announcement itself to see whether it will be of interest to the media. Also, many press release distribution services don t allow for the chance to build relations with journalists.  The long and the short of it is that you could be left with a gaping hole in your budget  you ve spent money on pushing a press release out there and waited, waited, waited but no coverage has resulted and you don t have any idea why. I m not against press release distribution services themselves, I m just against them being used in the wrong way.  Of course, you could just as easily send your press