7 top tips for nailing your media interview

OK, you ve spent all that time trying to get the media interested in you and your business.  So, what do you do when a journalist phones you?  They say they want a chat or an interview and that they are on a deadline.  Time is ticking and you can feel your blood pressure rising. All too often it s easy to focus on trying to get the interview but that s of no use if , once you ve got it, you mess it up and look like a fool, is it? Getting the media interested is just part of the equation you then need to prepare for it.  So, to help you get the most from your media interview opportunity, here are 7 top tips. 7 top tips for nailing your media interview 1. First, don t talk to a journalist off the cuff unless it s in response to a press release you have sent in which case you should be prepared for taking the call.  If the call is unexpected then you need to do some detective work to get the context.  For example, you need to know: why the journalist is contacting you what s th


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