Effortless media visibility for introverts

Media visibility comes in many different shapes and forms but often people just think about in terms of being featured on television or radio.  That can put you off if you are shy or consider yourself as an introvert.  Recently I had two conversations that really brought that home to me: In one a small business owner wanted more media profile for their business but didn t feel comfortable with the thought of being interviewed by a journalists for television or radio In the other an entrepreneur said that they felt that getting media attention would put them in the spotlight and that made them feel anxious I don t think these feelings are uncommon.  In fact, one of the reasons why they really struck a note with me was because I feel the same.  I don t like labels and once you start talking about being an introvert everyone has their opinions about what that means.  And, of course, if you don t  want to put yourself in the spotlight then is that about being an introvert or shy?


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