Are you being talked about? If not, why not?

The most effective Public Relations has to be when others are shouting your praises or endorsing your knowledge or expertise. I could tell you a million times that I know what journalists want, can sniff out a news story, can find you guest blogging opportunities.  I can tell you all that but it s meaningless.  Why?  Because you don t give a fig about that, do you?  Because you want proof.  Because you want reassurance.  Because you don t want to know what I think, you want to know what others think about me that s the best indicator, don t you think? Client testimonials are great and they give you a good sense of whether the person who did the work knows what they are doing but these days we want more.  Two events, in particular, brought that home to me recently. First, an impromptu act of kindness.  Someone I had been speaking to regularly through an online business programme did a graphic for my new Guest Blogger Match maker service you can see the graphic above.  It was


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