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4 proven PR tools to get your small business noticed

Journalists want to hear from you it s just a matter of using the right PR tools to get your small business noticed. If you know anything about PR (Public Relations) it s probably that it s free.  Yes, if you do it yourself you ll need to put in time and effort but the resources and PR tools are all out there you just have to find the right ones for your business. So, to give you a short cut, I ve pulled together some of the essential PR tools to help you get your small business noticed.  You don t need big budgets, you just need to take action. 4 Proven PR tools 1. Google Alerts this is a great, free, online monitoring service.  It allows you to keep up with new content on key topics.  You define the keywords you want to track and you then receive email alerts when new content is published online using those keywords.  It s a great way to track news, discussion and debate on topics as well as keeping up with what competitors are doing.  If you know that a news story has just be


21 ways to make your press release stand out

Do press releases still have a role?  Yes, they do.  But, with journalists being inundated with them as well as being bombarded on social media you have to work that much harder to get your press releases noticed.  So, here are some helpful tips. 21 ways to make your press release stand out 1. Make sure it has news value If you ve identified a news story then you ve done some of the hard work already.  What I mean is that it s easy to issue a press release but the starting point has to be to pinpoint the news value in your story that will interest journalists.  A new website in itself is not a news story  you have to dig much deeper into the impact the website will have on people.  Always ask yourself the question where s the human interest?  And, then, think about the journalists you want to target and how the story is relevant to them and their audiences. 2. Make it timely Old news isn t news at all.  Mostly, news is about something that has just happened, or is about to h