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The Real Understanding of PR – and How Virgin Trumps Again

I speak to business owners and entrepreneurs who want PR (Public Relations) for their business and see it as a function, an entity, something that is a bolt on.  Understanding of PR varies and there s an obsession that it has to be all about media. In truth, it s something that you re doing all the time, it s all around you but you may not see it, or understand it.  It s how you communicate and how you re communicated about.  It s about being seen, being heard and being talked about hopefully, for the right reasons. Let your business ethos shine through You can spend many hours and put in a great deal of effort to plan out your PR but I think the true sense of your business and your ethos shines through in your actions and the stories that come about as a result.  It s those actions that can be your best PR particularly when they ve come from a place of genuinely wanting to help, to go beyond the call of duty.  It s examples like that that stay with you and can be far more powe


Free PR plan template to kickstart your small business PR

Is 2015 your year  your year to kickstart your small business PR to build your brand and reputation and get noticed? If so, then your success relies on having a solid PR plan that sets out clearly what you need to do and how.  There s no magic formula and you don t need to re-invent the wheel.  It s just a case of following a number of steps, putting the building blocks and essential resources and materials in place and wrapping that up in a bundle of creativity. To help get you started here are some handy tools and resources a free PR plan template, a checklist and template for writing a press release and also ideas to get noticed aside from using news stories. 1. A free PR plan template that gives you the key elements you will need to think about and address to pin down your thoughts, ideas and actions, you can access it here: Free PR plan template 2015. Your PR plan is your roadmap it keeps you focused on what you need to do to achieve your objectives. Although putting together