The Real Understanding of PR – and How Virgin Trumps Again

I speak to business owners and entrepreneurs who want PR (Public Relations) for their business and see it as a function, an entity, something that is a bolt on.  Understanding of PR varies and there s an obsession that it has to be all about media. In truth, it s something that you re doing all the time, it s all around you but you may not see it, or understand it.  It s how you communicate and how you re communicated about.  It s about being seen, being heard and being talked about hopefully, for the right reasons. Let your business ethos shine through You can spend many hours and put in a great deal of effort to plan out your PR but I think the true sense of your business and your ethos shines through in your actions and the stories that come about as a result.  It s those actions that can be your best PR particularly when they ve come from a place of genuinely wanting to help, to go beyond the call of duty.  It s examples like that that stay with you and can be far more powe


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