10 steps to banishing fear of approaching the media

You want to be visible, to get noticed, to open up opportunities for new business and collaborations.  And, of course, you know that more eyeballs on your business, more often, for all the right  reasons, can only be good, right? But, you re not taking the steps you need to make those approaches.  You write the email but don t send it, you look at the phone but don t pick it up.  Your ideas sit in documents and folders gathering virtual dust. You don t feel ready, prepared, or simply worthy.  It s a crisis of confidence what if you put yourself out there and it damages your reputation rather than enhances it?  Or, maybe you doubt whether you have anything worthy to share, whether you ll be convincing, come across as an expert?  Even worse, the idea of approaching the media just fills you with dread and you freeze with that yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Does it feel more comfortable to stay hidden? Well, the good news is that you re not alone.  And, the even bett


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