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Why reading The Sun could save your business

Ever struggled to get your message across, to get the instant understanding and recognition you re after?  If you re not clear on what you re about or offering then how can you expect anyone else to be clear either? A lack of strong message leads to confusion and inconsistency.  It can be especially damaging if you re working alongside a number of other people in the business and each of you has a different take on describing what you do and offer.  Your communication can easily get pulled in all sorts of directions if you don t have clear and effective messages set down. Your messages matter Whether it s pitching a journalist, writing copy for your website, writing articles or guest blogs for publications and websites, presenting to a room full of business people or networking, you need to nail down one essential element your message, and that s where The Sun fits in. Your message underpins your communication and is key in evaluating its effectiveness too.  If you are already cl


How to become a media expert

How do you become a media expert, someone called on by the media to comment about stories relevant to your niche? It s something that feels like the Holy Grail for many.  It can seem like those people that get the media spotlight are in another league.  But, they are no different to you or me and many of them didn t start out with that profile, did they?  But, journalists pick up the phone and email them to get their views and to invite them into the studio for comment. What makes them different and how can you tap into that so that journalists are calling you too for your expertise, knowledge and insight? Here are some tips on how to become a media expert they ll take you time and effort to implement or you ll need to hire someone to implement them on your behalf.  They aren t rocket science but you do need to stick with it over time to get results. 1. Mindset first you have to believe that it is acheivable and believe in your own abilities in wanting to share your skills and

Clarkson bun fight grabs the headlines

One piece of PR advice I come back to time and again for small businesses wanting to get featured in the press and media is to read, watch and listen to the news. If you do that day in and day out then it gives you great insight.  It gives you a good feel for what makes news and how the same story can be presented in different ways across the media.  You can also follow how a story gets pushed on as it develops and others wade in with opinions.  And, of course, the impact that that news has on profile and reputation. The story about Jeremy Clarkson s suspension by the BBC is a classic example and one that highlights so many elements that it s worth dissecting to get a better understanding of the media, what it wants, how it works and the role of social media in both debating and commenting on news and in creating it. You can read the BBC report of the story here.   In a nutshell, Clarkson, who co-presents the BBC show Top Gear, has been suspended by the BBC for an alleged fracas

How to get a guest blog on The Huffington Post

Getting a guest blog on The Huffington Post is a goal and a dream for many people.  But, trying to achieve that can feel daunting and a bit overwhelming too.  Getting a guest blog on The Huffington Post isn t out of reach.  It does require research and effort but it doesn t need to be that hard. So, to help you on your way, here are some tips it s how I did it and others have used these guidelines too with success.  The important thing to remember is that there are three parts to getting a guest blog on The Huffington Post: A pitch email which strikes the right note and presents an idea that is interesting and relevant Following up after you have sent the pitch email to get a response Producing an article that provides quality content and fits in terms of tone and style And, it doesn t stop there you also need to have a clear plan for promoting your guest blog once it is live.  But, more on that later. Background The Huffington Post covers news stories but also takes guest bl