How to become a media expert

How do you become a media expert, someone called on by the media to comment about stories relevant to your niche? It s something that feels like the Holy Grail for many.  It can seem like those people that get the media spotlight are in another league.  But, they are no different to you or me and many of them didn t start out with that profile, did they?  But, journalists pick up the phone and email them to get their views and to invite them into the studio for comment. What makes them different and how can you tap into that so that journalists are calling you too for your expertise, knowledge and insight? Here are some tips on how to become a media expert they ll take you time and effort to implement or you ll need to hire someone to implement them on your behalf.  They aren t rocket science but you do need to stick with it over time to get results. 1. Mindset first you have to believe that it is acheivable and believe in your own abilities in wanting to share your skills and


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