My first pitch to a journalist – and why I cried

I m not going to pretend the first time I tried to pitch a story to a journalist it was horrible.  I sat looking at the phone for what felt like forever before I summoned up the guts to actually dial the number. Imagine a time before email yes, this was that time.  And, yes, I m that old. Imagine a time when press releases were printed off and stuffed into envelopes and when the phone was the only other option for getting through to a journalist. I was in my first job it was a one year work placement as part of my business degree.  The role was as a marketing assistant at Windsor Leisure Pool in the UK and I came to it at the age of 20 years with no experience of PR but lots of enthusiasm. My chance to shine Anyhow, the long and the short of it was that the Pool was going to be involved in helping to run the first Windsor Triathlon.  One of the Triathlon organisers gave me the telephone number for the regional BBC sports correspondent the chap who always popped up with the s


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