How to stalk a journalist

One of the common issues that comes up time and again, when I speak to people, is how to find the right media contacts. Actually, finding the right media contacts isn t that difficult.  Where it usually goes horribly wrong is what very many people do once they ve got hold of those contacts. All too often the temptation is to send out mass emails that have no personalisation in the hope that something will stick.  I know exactly what I do when I get an email like that.  In fact, I get emails like that a lot the other day someone was asking if they could do a guest post for the website on a subject completely unrelated to what I put out there.  I was surprised to say the least.  In another one, someone was asking me to include a link to their software product which aided keyword research and SEO.  I think, if you are reading this, then you ve twigged that that is not my field. Anyhow, in both those examples, it was clear that the people who had contacted me had not looked at the


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