How to get journalists bashing at your door

Feeling frustrated because you want more media coverage, to build your credibility, reputation and profile, to generate leads and sales but you re struggling to get more eyeballs on your business with your publicity efforts? It s tough you can do so many different things and the huge choice can feel overwhelming, can t it?  And, if you ve taken the time and effort to put together something like a press release just to see it fall flat then that really sucks. I was reviewing a press release yesterday and, I have to say, I thought I might have to stab myself in the head with a plastic fork.  It was awful, and that s a huge shame because it won t get any coverage and that s frustrating, annoying and a waste of time and effort for everyone.  And, just as importantly, it has the potential for damaging reputation rather than enhancing it.  Quick tip  if your press release doesn t have any news in it then it s not a press release, so don t send it.  Every approach you make to a media


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