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How to find the right journalists to send your press release to

Have you struggled to find a great news story and then fallen flat because you sent your press release to a bunch of journalists but no one was interested?  It s one of the issues that comes up time and again for entrepreneurs and small business owners trying to get eyeballs on their businesses.  Coming up with a constant stream of ideas that will be of interest to the media is challenging enough, let alone packaging it in the right way and getting it into the right hands. Have you tried media databases or buying media lists but found that you ve simply got no response?  Or, maybe you ve found some names and contact details but your press releases just always fall on deaf ears.  Or maybe you feel like you are just floundering about because you ve got an idea for a news story, and want to use press release to get media coverage, but you just don t know who to send it to or which direction to go in. The problem is that this can all too often turn into a knee jerk reaction that focu