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How to pitch journalists – this is the hack you need

Are your pitches to journalists meeting a wall of silence? Get your pitching back on track – grab your ‘how to pitch journalists’ checklist here


How to find the right journalists to send your press release to

Have you struggled to find a great news story and then fallen flat because you sent your press release to a bunch of journalists but no one was interested?  It s one of the issues that comes up time and again for entrepreneurs and small business owners trying to get eyeballs on their businesses.  Coming up with a constant stream of ideas that will be of interest to the media is challenging enough, let alone packaging it in the right way and getting it into the right hands. Have you tried media databases or buying media lists but found that you ve simply got no response?  Or, maybe you ve found some names and contact details but your press releases just always fall on deaf ears.  Or maybe you feel like you are just floundering about because you ve got an idea for a news story, and want to use press release to get media coverage, but you just don t know who to send it to or which direction to go in. The problem is that this can all too often turn into a knee jerk reaction that focu

How to get journalists bashing at your door

Feeling frustrated because you want more media coverage, to build your credibility, reputation and profile, to generate leads and sales but you re struggling to get more eyeballs on your business with your publicity efforts? It s tough you can do so many different things and the huge choice can feel overwhelming, can t it?  And, if you ve taken the time and effort to put together something like a press release just to see it fall flat then that really sucks. I was reviewing a press release yesterday and, I have to say, I thought I might have to stab myself in the head with a plastic fork.  It was awful, and that s a huge shame because it won t get any coverage and that s frustrating, annoying and a waste of time and effort for everyone.  And, just as importantly, it has the potential for damaging reputation rather than enhancing it.  Quick tip  if your press release doesn t have any news in it then it s not a press release, so don t send it.  Every approach you make to a media

How to stalk a journalist

One of the common issues that comes up time and again, when I speak to people, is how to find the right media contacts. Actually, finding the right media contacts isn t that difficult.  Where it usually goes horribly wrong is what very many people do once they ve got hold of those contacts. All too often the temptation is to send out mass emails that have no personalisation in the hope that something will stick.  I know exactly what I do when I get an email like that.  In fact, I get emails like that a lot the other day someone was asking if they could do a guest post for the website on a subject completely unrelated to what I put out there.  I was surprised to say the least.  In another one, someone was asking me to include a link to their software product which aided keyword research and SEO.  I think, if you are reading this, then you ve twigged that that is not my field. Anyhow, in both those examples, it was clear that the people who had contacted me had not looked at the

Three ideas to pinch to boost your media coverage

Do you follow the news, follow the websites and publications that are important, and not so important, to your business, I mean really follow them? It s one of the best things you can do to get inspired about, and boost your own media visibility and coverage.  You get a feel for what journalists want but you also find ideas from other sectors that you can pinch yourself. It s not all about the websites, programmes and publications that your potential customers will see and hear.  Other outlets and media coverage, completely unrelated, can really help to spark ideas too. Here are three pieces of coverage I ve come across recently that I wanted to share they highlight different ways you can get media coverage using stunts, photography and anniversaries.  You just need to put your creative hat on to work out how you can apply them to your business.  Or, keep the ideas in your back pocket and come back to them when the time is right. FA Cup weather ballon stunt This is a great sto

My first pitch to a journalist – and why I cried

I m not going to pretend the first time I tried to pitch a story to a journalist it was horrible.  I sat looking at the phone for what felt like forever before I summoned up the guts to actually dial the number. Imagine a time before email yes, this was that time.  And, yes, I m that old. Imagine a time when press releases were printed off and stuffed into envelopes and when the phone was the only other option for getting through to a journalist. I was in my first job it was a one year work placement as part of my business degree.  The role was as a marketing assistant at Windsor Leisure Pool in the UK and I came to it at the age of 20 years with no experience of PR but lots of enthusiasm. My chance to shine Anyhow, the long and the short of it was that the Pool was going to be involved in helping to run the first Windsor Triathlon.  One of the Triathlon organisers gave me the telephone number for the regional BBC sports correspondent the chap who always popped up with the s

How to handle tricky questions from journalists

Ever been stung by a journalist or fear that you could find yourself in the media spotlight and mess it up?  Worried how to handle those tricky questions from journalists that you dread? If you ve had a bad experience then the fear of it happening again can hold you back.  That s a shame because connecting and engaging with journalists can build your credibility and extend your reach to many more potential contacts, collaborators and customers. It s tricky for smaller businesses Media training is worth its weight in gold but traditionally it s been expensive and out of reach to smaller businesses.  It can be hard to justify before you have a mass of journalists beating at your door.  And, by then it s not exactly too late but you could really get yourself into a pickle or two if you don t know what you re doing. So, if you can t dish out the £800 plus for a media training session then what can you do?  There are many aspects to crack to be highly effective in a media interview a