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How to handle tricky questions from journalists

Ever been stung by a journalist or fear that you could find yourself in the media spotlight and mess it up?  Worried how to handle those tricky questions from journalists that you dread? If you ve had a bad experience then the fear of it happening again can hold you back.  That s a shame because connecting and engaging with journalists can build your credibility and extend your reach to many more potential contacts, collaborators and customers. It s tricky for smaller businesses Media training is worth its weight in gold but traditionally it s been expensive and out of reach to smaller businesses.  It can be hard to justify before you have a mass of journalists beating at your door.  And, by then it s not exactly too late but you could really get yourself into a pickle or two if you don t know what you re doing. So, if you can t dish out the £800 plus for a media training session then what can you do?  There are many aspects to crack to be highly effective in a media interview a